HRH Crown Princess Jacqueline of Ruttenberg
Once an England's Princess, now Her Royal Highness, Jacqueline, the Crown Princess of Ruttenberg.
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i just woke up so i’ll wait until 12pm (my time) to start judge the eater service outfits

HRH Crown Princess of Ruttenberg attending the Ruttenberg Eater Service
  • Little Mistress Watermelon Embellished Dress
  • Vintage 1950’s Black Wool Rhinestone Buckle Princess Coat
  • Big Kentucky Derby Feather Floral Organza Headband Fascinator Black
  • Franchi Handbags Cara Clutch
  • FOREVER 21 Bombshell Platform Pumps
  • Maria Canale Diamond Earrings
  • Large Diamond Cuff
  • Diamond Engagement Ring

I have nothing against Kate. I am sure that she is nice, that she is a good wife, a good daughter, a good person, and of course, a great mother. But I do have a problem with her being held up as an ideal of exemplary womanhood, a wonderful role model for our daughters, an antidote to the Kim Kardashians of the world.

Because this outpouring of adoration is for a woman whose job description is basically:

“Be pretty.”

“Be thin.”

“Have some babies.”

“Don’t rock the boat.”

History is littered with cautionary tales of women who did not follow the above script. One word in particular springs to mind: Fergie.

I know, I know, the royals have learned so many lessons since the Diana-Fergie days. Kate and Wills, the story goes, are a love match. I’m sure they are, but it was a love match for which a woman had to to sacrifice her freedom, her youth, her independence and, many would argue, her personality. To marry the man of her dreams, she had to change who she was, give up her privacy, paid employment, ensure her 20s were entirely scandal-free and lose half her body weight. This is not something I would wish for my daughter.

And that’s why Duchess Kate is dangerous for our daughters. She has revived the idea that women being defined by who they marry is a positive life choice.

So I’m sorry people, she’s not just like you. And I don’t want my daughter to be like her.

- (via lolitas-den)

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I made an experiment to see if my sister knows some royals.

(plus the ones that didn’t fit)





cupcake? yes, magdalena omfg

Thank you, girls!

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This is me ready to go to ny auntie’s wedding. I know it’s dark. I’ll post a better picture later ;)

How to Make Polyvore Sets…


Here is a guide on how to make your sets! 

Make an account:

  • go to this website  and in the top right hand corner click register
  • enter your email address and password

Editing Profile:

  • now in the top right hand corner where you were ‘register’ was will now be your email address. You can change your username (I have my blogs name in there) by selecting ‘profile’ then ‘edit profile’
  • now you can change your username and add a profile picture

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morta com a tradução by wanessa


Não me aguentei KKK’ “queenmaximas reblogou your post”

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